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  • Product selection

Below the price information is the "Add to Cart" button which is used to select an umbrella you would like to purchase. By selecting it you put into your virtual shopping cart, with the option of removing it later if you like.

  • Shopping cart

In our online shop you have a personal "shopping cart" into which you can put the umbrellas you want to reference or buy. You can access your selections by clicking on the "Shopping Cart" button on the upper right-hand side of the screen. There you can then choose the number of items you want to order. The items in the shopping basket remain there during your visit to the shop. You can add or remove items from your shopping cart at any time.

  • Purchasing process

As soon as the desired umbrellas are in your shopping cart, you can click on the "Order" button. Once you do so you enter the secure zone of our on-line shop in which all data to and from our server are encrypted (via SSL) prior to being transferred.

A form then appears for your personal data. Please enter your address here, and then check again to make sure that your entries are correct. Your complete and correct address is necessary to ensure a smooth delivery of your purchases. Please don’t forget to include your e-mail address, which is later used to send you order and delivery confirmations. You may also provide an alternative delivery address. Please note that deliveries to post office boxes are not possible.

You will then be asked to select a mode of payment. You’ll then see your order data at the lower part of the page. Afterwards, click "Continue".

All entries will be shown once again on this page for your review. If all the information is correct, you can then click on the "Order" button at the bottom of the page.

  • Order confirmation

Shortly after your order has been sent in you will automatically receive an order confirmation by email. Please retain this email as it contains all the data pertaining to your order (except for payment details, for data security reasons).


Yes, we ship worldwide. Please consult our delivery rates.

Please bear in mind that when ordering goods for delivery outside of the European Union, you may be subject to import duties and taxes which are levied once the package reaches your country. Any additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country, so you should contact your local customs office for further information.


Our online shop uses the so-called SSL standard for secure data transfer. It therefore corresponds to current data protection regulations for Internet orders.

The SSL protocol establishes secure connections in three respects:

 The connection is in the truest sense private because data are sent through the Internet only in encrypted form.

The server’s identity is clearly established.

Powerful algorithms check whether the data reach their intended recipients complete and unchanged.

 The SSL protocol is initiated when an "s" is added on to an "http" address. This signals that secure data are to be transferred, and prompts the browser to require a certificate and its public data key from the targeted server. This key is transmitted back to the browser together with a test number and ID. This information is calculated by a small group of certifying bodies. Using the transferred data, the browser verifies whether it is really connected to the server indicated by the URL. If this is the case, the browser allows the user access to the respective information: a closed lock icon appears in the browser. In the next phase the two computers communicate with each other via a symmetrical key (session key). Security is provided because this arrangement occurs with asymmetrical encryption. The browser sends the server several test messages which only the real server would be able to correctly respond to before beginning the actual data exchange. The server verifies its identity if it responds correctly to these tests.


We use your data exclusively for processing your order. You will not receive any e-mails, letters, or telephone calls from us after the delivery. Your data will not be provided to third parties, and after the delivery your data will be deleted. As with every other retail business, we are required for tax purposes to keep a hardcopy record of each transaction for 10 years. Should you lose your order documentation, please contact us by per e-mail/fax/telephone. We’ll be pleased to send you your order data.


We have made every effort with the images we use in order that you see is what you get. Nonetheless, the colours of the images could deviate from those of the actual articles. This is because the presentation depends on the hardware being used and your monitor configuration. Please note that wooden handles can vary from those shown in terms of colour, patterns, and wood-grain because they are natural products.


If you have further questions or comments regarding our online shop please don’t hesitate to contact us by email. Please note, too, that many important points are clarified in the page containing our company’s General Terms and Conditions.

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