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What is so special about "Il Marchesato" umbrellas

It is a long time since my grandfather was making a living mending umbrellas in the 1930s. His trade went on without significant changes for many years. In the 1970 I started to think back of my grandfather's trade, fascinated by his tales; little by little I began to develop a pasion for umbrellas. Finally in 1978 my wife and I decided to set up our own company, Il Marchesato, with the purpose of turning a simple functional object of every day life into an object of beauty. Something that goes beyond the mere protection from rain.

That is why we at Il Marchesato have focused on making things better. Not only by employng the best components, but also taking great care in the selection of fabrics - all of which are manufactured in Italy. We use gold plated brass and fiberglass ribs for most of our umbrellas, and they are also fitted with scotch-guard, double-resin coating fabrics that make them suitable for the most rainy climates.

One of the best features of Il Marchesato umbrellas however is the constant search for an elegant style. The coupling of colours, patterns and materials bring forth a unique style.Those who love beauty in umbrellas appreciate our design and the quality of our materials, together with the high manufacturing standards. They can easily guess that behind every Il Marchesato umbrella there is the love and passion of the person who created it.

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